Team Envy travels to Shanghai to compete in Call of Duty: Online



Immediately after MLG Columbus, it was revealed that Team Envy would be competing in a Call of Duty: Online Exhibition in Shanghai, China. Taking place at the Tencent Games Carnival, they’ll be placed against China’s top FPS teams.

Apparently set in the Modern Warfare timeline, Call of Duty: Online supposedly combines the “rich, competitively-balanced FPS multiplayer experience that the Call of Duty franchise is known for and taps into fan-favorite maps and modes from multiple titles in the Call of Duty universe while introducing new content unique to Call of Duty Online.”

Envy will have two days to train on the PC before competing against China’s best PC based FPS players.

Mike “Hastro” Rufail, the team’s co-owner, released his own thoughts on Envy’s official website, stating, “This is one of those experiences we live for as a team. To be able to travel as diplomats for the game we love in a country like China is truly humbling. We’re very gracious for Tencent’s invite to Shanghai and are looking forward to giving the Chinese fans exciting matches to watch.”

In early reports, the Call of Duty: Online trailer showcased some of the maps and features alpha testers would be able to experience. However the video has since been taken down. This included the maps Storm, Crash, and Bog, and the website also currently teases Crossfire. Not much else is known about this title or if it will eventually be distributed outside of China, but hopefully Team EnVyUs will be able to deliver some news concerning this free-to-play game.


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