Hints of New Grand Theft Auto Content Revealed in Audio Leak


With the Beach Bum pack recently released for GTA V and GTA Online players, many people are wondering what content will be released next. Now, a  supposed audio file leak could be hinting at brand new content that will be released sometime soon. Characters from Story Mode can be heard mentioning casinos, a new indoor off-road dirt track, and custom car racing.

Whether or not these features will be included in GTA Online is unknown. If they are, particularly the casino, it will be interesting to see how Rockstar handles the game’s real-world micro-transactions in terms of gambling.

Outside of casino talk, the characters are heard talking about new races where players can actually gamble their custom car on the outcome. In addition, there is also word about new camera features on player phones as well as missions where players can spy on strangers.

The Beach Bum pack was released for both GTA V and Online, so I would assume that these new features would also be released for both sides of the game. However with no official news forthcoming as of right yet, players will have to stay content with the new beach pack.

However with Heists on the way… can we figure out how to do a casino heist?! Please?


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