What ideas could make GTA Online a better multiplayer experience? Leave your own thoughts!



GTA Online has to be one of the best multiplayer experiences I’ve ever discovered (once the issues were fixed), but what makes it so appealing is the fact that Rockstar has the perfect canvas to add onto, especially inside of the open free-roam that’s available.

GTA Zombies… or Aliens?

Rockstar can do zombies right, a fact that has been proven in Red Dead Redemption. Inside of another open world like Los Santos, a zombie outbreak could enhance the game in ways that maybe weren’t really expected before. Gameplay would change. The careless decisions made inside of free-play would carry more critical consequences. Alliances and betrayals would carry more importance for the sake of survival.

In a way I think of GTA Zombies as one huge open-world mission determined by the decisions players make in-game. Making pacts and surviving out in the wilderness would obviously be the safest, but what happens when someone gets sick, food runs low, and ammo runs out? Traveling back into town in order to carefully pick apart necessities for survival would create a new dynamic to the GTA universe. But while zombies seem like the easiest choice for a massive DLC, I think Rockstar may be planning something a bit different.

While I’ve never really given much thought to it before, GTA V stresses the possible presence of alien life as depicted through the sporadic events players can find in-game. With the FIB’s mysterious presence with the satellites as well as their own UFOs, could they be preparing for a future alien invasion? Or could they actually be aliens? I certainly hope so! And if Rockstar could include this activity Online, it could provide an insane amount of new content for people to explore. And it might answer some of GTA’s mysteries as well.

More Customization/Personalization

One of the better qualities in GTA that hasn’t been seen since GTA San Andreas is the customization options. The ability to mod your cars and change your character really bumps up the appeal, but there are areas that could have included some awesome customization options. And unless Rockstar already has these ideas planned… they’ve missed out on an awesome opportunity.

Apartments are cool in theory, but there is no way to make my apartment mine. You have an open-world city… make some shops! Furniture shops to include wall art, couches, televisions, bedroom sets, even party decorations. Having the ability to hang a huge canvas of my crew’s emblem would be wicked! When all of the apartments look exactly the same, the excitement of buying one kind of becomes bland.

The people in Los Santos need more clothes! One thing that mildly irritated me was the fact that every clothes shop carried the exact same collection of clothes. And since you have to level up to unlock clothing choices, this leaves only a tiny bit of personal customization outside of makeup, hair, and tattoos. There is one thing I’m overly critical about in video games, and that’s my ability to personalize my character. I want to be able to make myself more unique.

I also want to be able to get a tattoo of my crew emblem!

One thing I also enjoyed in San Andreas was the ability to shape the way a character looked through the amount of food consumed or the time working out at the gym. It could introduce a nice way to allow players to reshape their stats outside of tediously grinding through races and gunfights.

More Open World Jobs

When you’re grinding for money, sometimes it’s just necessary to hop into another lobby and fight through a bunch of races and deathmatches. However, the main thing about GTA Online that interests me is it’s open-world experience. It’s hilarious to drive up to a convenience store with a friend and decide to rob it. There’s no load screen. It’s immediate action and it’s fun.

One thing I’ve always wanted to consider trying is a fight club. Especially if other specific stats could be built. Players could enter an isolated arena in a fight to the death using only their hands (and maybe simple melee weapons). If Rockstar could implement more styles of fighting (like boxing or karate as allowed in San Andreas) then this could become a more skill-based fighting arena. Maybe even let spectators bid on their favorite fighters! Violence obviously blossoms in Los Santos.

And what about other sports in general?

In Story Mode, players can buy and work as a taxi driver to collect fares and transport random NPCs around town. Why not give people the ability to do the same in Online? With players able to rob convenience stores for mediocre cash, I think there should be more open-world jobs to complete. And considering the random shootouts and other malicious activity taxi driving can attract, it could introduce a fun new way to interact with others in the lobby.

Also bring back the Demolition Derby! I want a Bloodring.


More Properties & Interactive Locations

With the recent audio leak highlighting the possible addition of a casino, it’s obvious Rockstar will be implementing other ways to obtain some cash. But what about entertainment?

In a way, this ties in with my wish to allow players to customize their homes. But why are there only apartments available when there is obviously a crapload of real estate in Los Santos and Blaine County? Why can’t we buy multiple homes? I wouldn’t mind buying a shack out in Sandy Shores if I could come back to the city and relax in a pool in the backyard of my mansion. More personal property equals more game activity!

But what about commercial property? Money and violence rule in Los Santos, so obviously someone who could develop their own presence by their wealth and brutality should be able to buy some property outside of a personal safehouse. What about clubs? Restaurants? Fast food? Jewelry stores? Not only could these places indicate the standing and reputation of a specific player, but they could ignite some interesting activity for other players as well.

If I own a fancy jewelry store and some jerk decides to rob it, obviously that will hurt my business and prevent my ability to earn money. It reiterates the vicious lifestyle of give and take inside of GTA’s universe and it would honestly give me more incentive to use features such as bounties and mercenaries against other players.

And as far as general entertainment goes, Los Santos seems to be lacking. With the exception of the strip club and the ability to drink alcohol and smoke inside personal apartments, it’s hard to have a night out on the town when you can’t actually have a night out on the town. Unless you just really love the movies. Open up some bars, let people buy some gross food (and puke it up via San Andreas), maybe include some awful dancing, and let the drunken havoc begin! What’s the point of buying a slick suit if you can’t wear it out anywhere fancy?

While this is only a small list of details that Rockstar should include in the future, I’m sure the rest of you have your own ideas. Leave them in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “What ideas could make GTA Online a better multiplayer experience? Leave your own thoughts!

  1. Cracking post, completely agree with all of the ideas.

    There also needs to be better ways of communicating in game to other players. Congratulate crazy stunts, show displeasure at being shot while minding your own business for example. Maybe even PvE servers. Not everyone has a mic and there are only so many ways flipping someone the bird can be interpreted.

  2. A bit late for a reply, but I especially agree with the properties (multiple apartments/customization as well as owning bars / stores) – and I’m curious how the stock market will work. And of course clothes…loads of clothes 😉

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