Will other locations become available to explore in GTA Online? Some signs point to yes.


Grand Theft Auto Online is slowly starting to regain some popularity after the Beach Bum release and the announcement of the new Content Creator and Capture game mode. However, while these new additions may entice more players to return to the game, does Rockstar have more in store in the future?

A glitch has been discovered which will allow any player to fly into North Yankton, the snowy town first seen at the beginning of GTA V and again as you move further into the campaign. Here, players can explore the new scenery with friends who also work through the glitch. Is this a sign that Rockstar may soon be implementing new locations to house races, deathmatches, etc? Could more free roam options become available in the future? Will players eventually be able to buy new property outside of Los Santos?


So far, all signs point to a possible yes despite the fact that Rockstar hasn’t acknowledged such immediate news. After the Heists and new Story Mode DLC is released, perhaps news of more locations will start to leak through. The addition of North Yankton only leaves more possibilities open. Could we possibly see more popular locations highlighted throughout the Grand Theft Auto series? I wouldn’t mind running around with an 80’s version of my character in Vice City…


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