Clayster joins Team Kaliber, Optic Gaming picks up Ricky


With James “Clayster” Eubanks shockingly dropped from the top Complexity team, the two likely choices available for him were Optic Gaming and Team Kaliber. Lots of speculation spread throughout the community, with seemingly more people encouraging him to join Optic. However his choice to join Team Kaliber will undoubtedly be beneficial to the team as he introduces his skill and energy to the game.

Team Kaliber’s roster now consists of Clayster, Theory, Sharp, and Neslo.


The main commotion inside of the eSports community was the identity of Optic Gaming’s fourth player. After a top 16 finish at MLG Columbus, Optic officially announced the decision to release Jordan “JKap” Kaplan from the roster. Fans were mixed between the choice of either Clayster or Ricky to fill the new void, and with Clayster officially joining Team Kaliber’s ranks, Optic announced that they would be adding Richard “Ricky” Stacy to their roster as they continue forward into the 2014 season.


Other sources:

Ricky joins Optic Gaming

Clayster joins Team Kaliber


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