A new game is being created for people who suffer from Lazy Eye

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Diplopia, a game which harnesses technology such as the Oculus Rift, is being made to help people with Lazy Eye. Lazy Eye, or Amblyopia, is a childhood condition where one eye doesn’t develop as it should. The brain tends to focus on one eye more than the other, and can cause blindness. I had this condition as a young child and had corrective surgery, but I still have difficulty seeing things such as 3D effects. Movies which focus on 3D graphics tend to make me sick since I believe my particular issue is muscle imbalance (which caused one eye to turn out or even cross. This isn’t visibly obvious anymore).

Diplopia is a game meant to help people use their “bad eye” in conjunction with their good one.

It was long thought that once a person’s brain had learned to suppress one of their eyes that they could only unlearn…

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