Grand Theft Auto Online is celebrating the holidays with some nice gifts and events!


It’s Christmas Eve, and Rockstar has announced some Holiday-themed gifts and events which will be available in GTA Online and transform it into a “West Coast winter wonderland!”

Seasonal Accessories – Through Jan 5th


For a limited amount of time, players can get their hands on special, holiday-themed items in clothing shops and at Vespucci Movie Masks such as Elf jackets and shoes, Snowman masks, Reindeer antlers, and Santa hats.

Experience a White Christmas


On Christmas Day, Los Santos and Blaine County will experience its first ever White Christmas, introducing the addition of rare snowfall which will affect driving conditions.

Snapmatic Shutterbugs


Taking selfies in your brand new Santa hat is a must, but now, taking pictures with your phone is way more interesting with the addition of camera features such as photo filters, borders, facial expressions, depth of field, and a meme creator! If you share your Snapmatics with the tag #XmasInLosSantos, your pictures could be featured at the Rockstar Newswire.

Holiday Deals – Through Jan 5th

Holiday discounts will be available for select vehicles. weapons, apartments, and more through January 5th. Weapons such as grenades, tear gas, and sticky bombs will be at half-price. Players can also get 30% off certain luxury sedans like the Super Diamond, Vapid Fugitive, Benefactor Schwartzer, and Ubermacht Zion.

Half price discounts also include musical horns on vehicles, green and gold weapon tints, and items such as winter hats, berets, Hinterland Boots, and Yeti Boots.

In addition, players can buy a new apartment for the holidays with a 25% discount on the Tinsel Tower apartments 45 and 29!

Note: While the special gear, discounts, and Snapmatic features should be available now, the snowfall will not arrive until Christmas Day! 


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