Here are the 13 Steam Machines’ known prices and specs



CES became pretty hectic with news as 13 Steam Machines were announced from multiple companies, each with different specs and prices. Here is an organized list of each company’s Steam Machine, including all known specs and price ranges. Would you be interested in buying one?







CyberpowerPC $499+ AMD Radeon R9 270/Nvidia GTX 760 AMD/Intel Core i5 8GB 500GB
iBuyPower $499+ Radeon GCN Graphics Quad Core AMD or Intel 8GB 500GB+
Zotac $599 Nvidia GeForce GTX (TBD) Intel Core (TBD) TBD TBD
Scan—NC 10 $1090 Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M Intel Core i3 4000M 8GB 500GB $1098 MSI GeForce GTX 760 OC Intel Core i5 4440 8GB 8GB+1TB SSHD
Alternate $1399 Gigabyte GTX 760 Intel Core i5 4570 16GB 1TB SSHD
Webhallen $1499 Nvidia GT 780 Intel Core i7 4771 16GB 1TB SSHD
Falcon Northwest-Tiki $1799-$6000 Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN Customizable 8-16GB Up to 6TB
Digital Storm-Bolt II $2584 GTX 780 Ti Intel Core i7 4770K 16GB 1TB HDD + 120GB SSD
Gigabyte—Brix Pro TBD Intel Iris Pro 5200 Intel Core i7-4770R 2x 4GB 1TB SATA 6Gb/s
Origin PC– Chronos TBD 2x 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX TITANs Intel Core i7 4770k (3.9-4.6 GHz) N/A N/A
Next SPA TBD Nvidia GT 760 Intel Core i5 8GB 1TB

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