Optic Gaming Welcomes Clayster, Scump Joins Team EnvyUs


In a day filled with major changes, Optic Gaming finally made their big announcement and welcomed James “Clayster” Eubanks from Team Kaliber to their roster. However, Optic is still searching for a new fourth to join Nadeshot, Clayster, and Ricky after Scump announced his own departure.

Clayster, originally attached to the championship team Complexity, was surprisingly dropped from the roster and joined Team Kaliber. Despite their second place success at UMG Philadelphia, Clayster made the decision to transfer over to Optic, releasing this statement on Twitter:

I want to give a big shoutout to all the guys over at tK. They really make me feel at home and a part of the family, and it honestly pains me to do this. They’ve been so supportive and basically chill about everything, and I really do want to thank them for everything.

I want everyone to know that the skill of the team had nothing to do with this team change and that even if we had placed first, this move would probably still be happening. It’s something that I’ve been striving for and working for the past year and a half, and with my education being put on hold for the time being I want to make the most of it as I possibly can. I know a lot of people won’t understand this and I’ll get a lot of hate for it, but after what happened with coL I realized I need to start looking out for myself and my best interests and stop getting so hung up on my emotions and feelings.

With that being said, I feel with the retiring of Big T, I can help transform Optic Gaming into a championship form team again. I’m 100% confident that with mine, Ricky’s, and Nadeshot’s SnD skills we will never lose an SnD, and I’m ready and excited to get started on a journey that doesn’t have an end in sight.


In the meantime, Team EnvyUs has been making changes as well. Seth “Scump” Abner has officially joined after leaving Optic Gaming. He joins Joe “Merk” Deluca, Jordan “Proofy” Cannon, and Jevon “Goonjar” Gooljar. Team Co-Owner Mike “Hastro” Rufail spoke about the change on the EnvyUs website, stating:

Seth is a player that we’ve loved watching develop for years. He’s had an unforgettable run with Optic Gaming and did things with that team that were admired by the entire community of professional players, fans and media. He’s a player we really wanted to have in 2014 and we’re excited to see him in a blue jersey.

With Scump taking place of Rambo in the new lineup, Rambo has also officially announced his move into coaching for the new Envy squad, releasing his own statement on Twitter.

I am now the coach of Team EnvyUs. Definitely not calling it quits as far as my competitive career though, but I need some time away from playing. Looking forward to helping this sick roster in anyway I can to be where they need to be to win day in day out. This will also allow me to focus more on putting out content for you guys as far as instructional videos and such (YT/Streaming). I appreciate all the kind words very much buds, can’t thank you guys enough for the support! Good things to come. ❤

In addition, Merk has also become the new Team Captain of Team EnvyUs by request of ex-captain Proofy as the team continues into the 2014 season with the new roster.


Optic Gaming: BigTymer (coach), Nadeshot, Ricky, Clayster

Team EnvyUs: Rambo (coach), Proofy, Merk, Goonjar, Scump


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