Razer Announces New Nabu Smartband


Razer, known for their high-tech gaming accessories, has announced something a tad bit different. The Razer Nabu, a new smartband, is designed to “seamlessly complement your lifestyle” by delivering notifications from a smartphone directly to your wrist. The Nabu addresses a common problem among smartphone users and encourages them to put down the phone and be conscious of other things without missing those messages and notifications.

The Razer Nabu smartband is a revolutionary wearable technology that delivers notifications from a smartphone right to your wrist, and tracks the data you want for self-analysis. Its band-to-band communication capability allows for intuitive social discovery for deeper interpersonal exchanges. Most impressively, the Nabu is an open platform that lets your favorite third party apps and developers harness its opt-in data and in-built capabilities to create unique and delightful experiences for users.

You can find more information and request email updates at Razer’s website. While the Razer Nabu plans for a Q1 2014 release, no official price has been revealed, however the company plans on pricing it competitively.


3 thoughts on “Razer Announces New Nabu Smartband

  1. Any news on how it may differ from other smartbands beginning to flood the market? Razer isn’t exactly synonymous with quality, but if they can deliver a gaming-related edge, they might get the nod from me.

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