Sony Reveals New Streaming Service Called PlayStation Now



At CES, Sony revealed the new PlayStation Now, a streaming service that will allow classic PlayStation games to be played across all current-gen PlayStation consoles as well as other non-gaming platforms.

The idea behind PlayStation Now is simple: you will ultimately no longer need to keep your PlayStation 3 around to experience games from that console. PlayStation Now will allow streaming of classics from that system to not only PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, but to televisions, tablets, and smartphones. 2014 model Sony Bravia televisions will support PlayStation Now, and PlayStation Now will ultimately scale to non-Sony devices as well.

PlayStation Now will be a subscription-based service, supporting online multiplayer and Trophies. It’s still unknown whether this new service will tie-in to subscriptions like PlayStation Plus. It was also revealed, though, that players could avoid subscribing in order to rent games on a “by-game basis.”

The roster of games that will be available on release are currently unknown, but it’s obvious that this is Sony’s way to bring back some form of backwards compatibility for the PS4.



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