Parasite Leaves Optic Gaming


It seems like Optic Gaming wasn’t a good fit for Chris “Parasite” Duarte, who less than a week after joining the squad, has announced his official departure from the team. This move comes as a shock after Parasite joined following Seth “Scump” Abner’s own voluntary departure, which left the team even more fragmented after BigTymer announced his own retirement from competitive gaming. Fans were assuming that Optic had finally found it’s competitive charge after completing the roster with Clayster and Parasite, but it seemed that there were issues after Parasite’s joining, a fact that is obvious after he posted his regrets on Twitter.

Now, Optic Gaming is left to once again find a fourth to fill its pro roster before the Call of Duty Championship. As of right now, the roster consists of Nadeshot, Ricky, and Clayster. No further information has been revealed. Clayster, who joined the team after leaving Team Kaliber, expressed his own happiness toward his new position on Optic, stating that he has no plans to go anywhere. Can Optic find a permanent fourth to help them prepare for the $1 million Call of Duty Championship?

Keep an eye out for later updates concerning Optic Gaming’s new fourth.

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3 thoughts on “Parasite Leaves Optic Gaming

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