Ricky Leaves Optic Gaming, Saints and MBoze Join


For the second time in a week, Optic has had to nearly completely reconstruct its pro roster. Following Parasite’s voluntary departure, Ricky has chosen to leave as well, releasing this statement on Twitter:

“As you guys may know I am no longer a part of Optic Gaming. I’d like to thank Hecz and Matt for the opportunity they had given me, and best of luck to their new roster. When I first joined that team I wasn’t expecting players to be leaving and retiring, which put myself in a difficult situation and didn’t think we had what it took to pull off a championship with our new roster. With CoD Champs being around the corner, my main goal is to qualify and place the best we can, and with that team I wasn’t confident we could do that. As of right now I have a few options of who I will be teaming with and will announce who I will be joining very soon.”

Just a day before, Parasite announced his own departure from the team, releasing his own statement saying, “After a week filled with one of the worst decisions of my CoD career, I have thought of a lot of things. After experiencing what it was like to be on Optic for a few days, I quickly realized that the green life was not for me. The Optic supporters, however, are amazing. They are loyal to the brand and just want to see the team succeed. If I had stayed I do not believe the team would have worked. The team, as it was, was filled with too many differing personalities and too many similar play styles. I decided to leave the team rather than hold them back from their goals.

“After leaving, I decided that Curse was the only place for me. The organization itself worked closely with the players and some of the bonds I formed with the people working there are unbreakable. Leaving Curse was the dumbest thing I have ever done in my CoD career. The Curse staff and team were like family to me and even when I left, I felt weird. So with all that being said, I will be joining back with Curse and the team for the rest of the season.

“Although I regret leaving, there will never be any more ‘what ifs’ regarding me ever joining Optic. As you guys can see from the last few days, it clearly was not the right place for me.”

Joining Nadeshot and Clayster are Renato “Saints” Forza from Strictly Business, and Marcus “MBoze” Banks from Faze Competitive.



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