SquidGrip is a simple, affordable solution to sweaty palms and wet controllers



I love console gaming.

As a fan of pretty much any genre, the majority of my time is spent on long RPGs that normally require hours of extended play time. During this time, my hands are constantly picking up food and gripping the controller with minimal breaks. It leads to a lot of inevitable residue as well as uncomfortably sweaty palms. As someone who likes to be comfortable during those long gaming sessions, it’s easy to become distracted by something like sweaty palms.

SquidGrip is a simple product intended to battle sweat while keeping your controller dry and clean. It’s made with an anti-microbial material that is latex free (perfect for someone like me who is allergic to latex) and helps prevent the growth and spread of germs. The pack contains two adhesive grips for each controller handle, four SquidGrip badges, a directional booklet, and a cool sticker (I love stickers) to keep as a memento.



The directions are simple and easy to follow out of the package. The process of peeling and placing each grip on the controller is a painless and uncomplicated process, however, if you need to readjust them, they don’t easily lose their adhesive film. It’s quick, simple, and instantly satisfying once you’re finished. With the badges placed on and the material correctly smoothed over the controller, it adds a sharp new look that enhances your controller’s appearance. As someone who enjoys playing split screen with friends, my SquidGrip also makes my controller look more unique and easy to identify… however that will probably change soon. Everyone loves the way it looks!

After quickly adjusting to the new feel, my controller feels comfortable, and more importantly, it still feels natural. The grips aren’t bulky or invasive whatsoever, something I was initially worried about, and I can immediately tell a difference in the comfort and dryness of my hands. The simplicity of SquidGrip can appeal to any type of gamer from the occasional casual session to the hardcore competitor simply because of the comfort and the clean feeling it provides. It also adds a nice grip enhancement to those who enjoy those fast-paced competitive games like Call of Duty, and may provide a nice little edge to help advance through the competition.



Overall, SquidGrip is affordable ($14.99), comfortable, efficient, clean, and looks amazing! As someone who is currently replaying through the Mass Effect Trilogy, SquidGrip has made the hours way more adaptable. For those interested, SquidGrip is available for Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers, however, grips for the brand new Xbox One and PS4 controllers will be released soon. And with the ability to choose and customize different badges, it’s easy to make a fun and useful solution to eliminate sweat and keep controllers clean.



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