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When I transformed my personal blog full of depressing poetry into PhoenixDown (something much more awesome), I knew that I wanted to turn my love of writing into a career. While my main dream is to start my own business, I’ve always wanted to write for IGN, and it feels like that dream is just barely out of reach. With your help, maybe I can worm my way into a freelance career, and maybe help some of you work toward the same opportunity! As of now, I’m dividing my posts on PhoenixDown and IGN, and I’d love to be able to interact with all of you at both places! Make sure you follow me there, and I’ll make sure to follow back. And for all of you other WordPress users, IGN blogs are WordPress so it’s extremely easy to hop in and start writing. Maybe we can all help each other get some recognition!

Also, when you check out IGN Blogs, make sure you send a recommendation email to the address that’s displayed at the bottom of the article. You could help get articles featured!


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