Lex Luthor is in charge of the Justice League?



Justice League fans may be intrigued by the direction the writers are taking the superhero group. The cover of the new “Injustice League” reveals that Lex Luthor has replaced Superman, becoming the leader of the Justice League while Captain Cold has replaced Flash. Justice League writer Geoff Johns was interviewed by IGN about the ending of Forever Evil and the continuation into the Injustice League.

We’ve got Forever Evil 5, 6, and 7 still coming out, and a lot of what happens with Luthor and Batman and the villains and the Crime Syndicate, a lot of that leads directly into this, so I don’t want to spoil too much, but I will say in the aftermath clearly Lex Luthor is going to become a big part of the Justice League. Obviously there’s some people missing from the lineup and there’s some new people in there, but really Lex is going to come in there and his position on the team is really challenging what the Justice League is all about.

Ultimately, if you trace it back, Lex can completely blame them for everything that happened, “You guys splintered your teams, you weren’t united, you had infighting, you were infiltrated and manipulated by one of the Crime Syndicate. I had to help dig the world out of the mess you created. You guys are supposed to be the world’s greatest superheroes. Well, by definition, that’s what I am now. So I am going to take my place here and I am going to help you figure out, should you just defend the world? I think you should do more. We are the greatest heroes. We should change it. Look what ARGUS tried to do to you guys with the JLA. You can’t trust them. You’ve got to be your own team.” So he comes in there almost as an instigator and he’s asking a lot of great questions, but of course nobody wants to listen to him or trust him, especially Batman.

Full Cover

Full Cover

If you look at Batman, he’s the only one that’s turned away. We’ve always known that Lex Luthor is going to join. If you look at Forever Evil, it’s a huge Lex Luthor story. It’s a DC Universe story, but ultimately everything that happens in there is happening and reflecting and changing and challenging Lex Luthor on every level. Ultimately — and you haven’t seen the last three issues — he’s going to go through things and do things we haven’t seen him do before, and experience things we haven’t seen him experience before.

One of the greatest things is, the reason that Lex Luthor is on the Justice League for the very first time is so interesting to me that instantly there’s tension, there’s humor, there’s a clash of ideologies. You’ve got someone like Shazam who looks at Lex Luthor and says, “What he’s saying makes a lot of sense.” And someone else says, “You don’t know him like we do.” There are characters on the team that bond with Luthor in a way they never expected they would. There’s other characters that break apart because of Luthor’s presence on the team. And clearly there’s some heroes who won’t do with it.

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