Saints Leaves Optic Gaming, Returns to Strictly Business



Optic Gaming can’t seem to catch a break after being pummeled with constant roster changes. Now, Saints has announced his departure from the squad. On Twitter, he explained:

I want to start this tweet by saying thank you to the Optic organization, players, and supporters for the overwhelming amount of love you showed me when I joined the Green Wall. With that being said, this is not for me. When I joined the organization my gut felt that this was a mistake. I left a team with championship potential in hopes to win a championship for Optic Gaming.

Playing for Optic was an awesome experience but Strictly Business is where I belong. I hope you guys understand my decision and continue to support me through my tenure in CoD eSports. Regardless, I hope I can still be friends with the guys from Optic. They’re all great people and I wish them the best of luck. I got 4th with sB at Philly, with barely any chem. Optic just isn’t for me. Thank you to the true supporters.

Optic Gaming’s roster currently consists of Nadeshot, Clayster, and MBoze. No word of Optic’s 4th has been revealed as of yet.


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