My Morphin Life takes a look into the life of the original Green Ranger


Jason David Frank, one of the most influential faces inside of the Power Rangers world, is collaborating with BatintheSun to make his own show called My Morphin Life. The show gives an inside, behind the scenes look at Jason’s life and how he continues to spread a positive message to Power Ranger fans both new and old.  The first episode is scheduled to launch at the end of February, but you can take a look at the trailer below.

BatintheSun and Jason David Frank have come together once before to play out a very awesome episode of Super Power Beat Down which showcased a battle between the White Ranger and Scorpion. The votes were so close together that there were two endings made for the episode- the first showing the victory of the White Ranger (who got the most votes), and the second containing Scorpion’s brutal win. It introduced a pretty interesting mash-up between fandoms, but also entertained the thought of placing the Power Rangers in a more mature setting, something the older fans would definitely love to see (me included). Make sure you follow Jason David Frank for more updates on Facebook and subscribe to BatintheSun on YouTube.


3 thoughts on “My Morphin Life takes a look into the life of the original Green Ranger

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  2. His charm is infectious. Though I am not a big Power Rangers fan anymore, it makes me happy that he has really “owned” that legacy. It means a lot to my inner-child that he is doing something positive!

    • I’ve managed to stay a little educated with what’s going on in the later seasons, particularly with the huge war coming up on Megaforce, but I’ll always be hooked on MMPR. JDF is such a nice guy, too! I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to meet him again this year.

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