Call of Duty grows to three-year development cycle


Call of Duty: Ghosts, developed by Infinity Ward, is still going strong with it’s first-person shooter title. Many people, despite the rumblings, believed that Call of Duty would be shifted back to the hands of Treyarch for 2014’s release. In an announcement, Activision revealed that the Call of Duty series would be switching to a three-year development cycle as Sledgehammer Games enters the rotation to develop their own Call of Duty release this year. 

Because of this, Sledgehammer Games will make the next Call of Duty in 2014, Treyarch in 2015, and Infinity Ward in 2016. This way, developers have more time during the cycle to deliver a better, more detailed experience, something that will be imperative to Call of Duty’s success as titles like Titanfall provide new competition. Fans of the series know of Sledgehammer’s involvement in Modern Warfare 3, and while no announcement concerning the next game’s title or setting has been revealed, many are assuming it to be another installation in the Modern Warfare series.


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