GTA Online Heists Video Leaked


Heists have been widely anticipated since the shaky launch of GTA Online, but no one has received any solid information about when they will appear as jobs. Now, a video showcasing some “beta” gameplay has been leaked. I’ll keep it placed up here until it gets taken down. In the video, a small team of players hop into a van and travel to a bank, the same one several people assumed was specifically meant for heists due to the fact that it was almost fully accessible, but held no true presence in the city. Once inside the bank, the team has to hold off the police and security guards while the hacker opens the way into the vault. It almost seems bare and uninteresting in the video, but I’m hoping that more detail will be added. The only prominent role in this video is the presence of the hacker, and his screen is never shown. It’s unknown whether there will be other roles added to help motivate the heist gameplay, but as of right now it just seems bland.

Of course, it would be wrong to assume anything considering this is a leaked video of an unfinished game type, so take everything you see with a grain of sand, but I hope more information regarding the details of roles and planning are released soon. If Heists simply become missions of piling into a van, driving to the bank, and shooting everything that moves until the hacker finally opens the vault, then several people are going to be highly disappointed. What do you think of the video below? What do you hope to see in the released version of online Heists?


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