Titanfall beta falls with smash hit


By: Steven Collins- @Shadylikeatree 

If you missed out on the Titanfall beta, I feel bad for you because you missed one heck of a good game. Believe the hype.

Titanfall, an EA Games release due out March 11 for PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, is a first person shooter with a twist. Not only do you play as your regular person, or “pilot” as they’re called, you get to enter a giant mechanical robot, or “titan” as it’s call in-game.

I want to say that I had an absolute great time playing the beta and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I logged almost 10 hours during the Beta period after receiving my entry Friday night. Comparatively speaking, I have a cumulative 7.5 hours on both my Ghosts platforms and only played 22 hours in total of MW3 to this point.

What’s fun about the game is what makes it different. It adds a lot of new elements into the game, things like the titans, parkour, as well as AI controlled soldiers that are far easier to kill than the pilots. It’s this farming type system that makes you feel good about the game–even when you may be something like 1 and 10–that makes it fun and less frustrating for me than many of the other shooters that I’ve played.

While there were only two maps, and they were similar in texture (probably due to it being a beta and they’re taking the remaining three weeks or so to polish the other maps) I think that they work really well in forcing you to play vertically and horizontally. The game doesn’t reward you for camping. The game rewards you with points and time off your titan for kills, capture points, and other objective-based play.

The game is balanced well, and I didn’t find anything in the beta too overpowered (with the exception of the smart pistol, which I want gone) or underpowered.

Based on my time with the Beta, I would suggest buying the game. I have it pre-ordered and I will be getting it at launch for the PC. If you’re on the fence, check me out after March 11 and I’ll share my thoughts on the full game once it’s out.

(I should also note, I’ve heard rumors that EA is paying people to support their games and try to garner support and, in turn, sell units. However, I have not been approached nor would I accept any funds from a company to discuss their games in a manner that was not the truth.)

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