Keemstar Supposedly Partners with MLG – A Necessary Evil?


Keemstar, known for his controversial “news” reporting in the Call of Duty eSports community, has apparently partnered with MLG. As a professional going nowhere fast in this community, I hate this news. As a simple observer, I understand the value. 

There are two definitive sides to this coin: both negative and positive, and as someone who once worked in reporting for eSports, I see this as a very brutal double-edged sword. I’ve never been a fan of Keemstar and his method of “news-telling,” but of course, I’ve never seen senseless drama as something that would genuinely be news-worthy. Peering into players’ lives, instigating and promoting negative events to attract news, and tossing slander toward other professionals and fans doesn’t require much talent.

From a moralistic standpoint, I can only see Keemstar as an overhyped bully. As someone who has poured her heart and soul in this community, it’s honestly a shame to see someone like this obtain such a promotion. Then again, I’m a fan of providing entertainment through genuine news. The drama that occurs in competitions and accompanies the tournaments’ outcomes is what matters to me. However, in a community that tends to cater to an audience of immaturity, not everyone agrees with my views.

I understand the value in Keemstar’s Drama Alert, however, despite the sour taste that fact brings. Kids love drama and senseless drama loves kids. Despite the fact that it feels disgraceful, Drama Alert presents a different picture inside the world of gaming. When competitive players slip into a celeb status, everyone wants to know about them.

For example, Optic Gaming remains as one of the most popular and influential teams in eSports, even when they aren’t bringing home championships. The brand is solid, the members are (sort of) solid, and they toss an appropriate amount of personal moments into the mix. The members of Optic have become icons within a community… so obviously fans (and haters alike) feed off of anything that is revealed. Especially if what is revealed is slightly out of the norm.

Is that okay? I don’t think so. Is it a necessary evil? I’ll let you decide. It’s not the first time someone has capitalized on the drama designed by others. MLG hasn’t officially confirmed the partnership as of yet, but whether the announcement is true or not, it’s definitely created a stir in the community.


One thought on “Keemstar Supposedly Partners with MLG – A Necessary Evil?

  1. THE NEWS IS ALWAYS NEGATIVE!!! TURN ON YOUR TV AND TELL ME ANYTHING POSITIVE THAT IS EVER METNTIONED?!?!?! heard the saying no news is good news??? think the idea is to not be on DRMAaLERT!

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