Need a crew for GTA Online? Join Phoenixxx!


With the Rockstar Newswire revealing the upcoming spring updates, it’s time for Phoenixxx to recruit active and awesome new members, especially in preparation for Heists. Led by me (PhoenixDownnn), Phoenixxx is a rebel crew centered on the PS3, but anyone is allowed to join! While being inactive, Phoenixxx has managed to accumulate over 30 members, but now it’s time to be conscious and prepare for all the exciting events that GTA Online will be presenting. The hierarchy has been fixed with two Commissioners and two Lieutenants… and lots of muscle, but there will definitely be opportunity to advance through the ranks for the PSN players that remain active. Hopefully as things progress, we’ll be able to shoot out some nice in-game prizes and rewards for the top-notch crew members.

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That’s not to deter those who play casually either. While Phoenixxx is looking forward to participating in future events, this is ultimately a friendly place to meet other players and make new friends online. I would love to make Phoenixxx one of the most prominent crews seen in GTA Online, and you could help make that happen! To those interested in joining, visit the Social Club and join! If you play on PS3, feel free to send me a friend request (make a note in the message saying you’re in the crew). You can send a request to PhoenixDownnn.

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