GTA Online: New Update Offers Double RP and Cash for Capture Jobs


Rockstar announced that a new updates would be soon released for GTA Online, and now the first patch has arrived. Title Update 1.12 fixes a few exploits that players have been using for griefing. These annoying players can no longer turn themselves or their car invisible, and they also can’t use their weapons in their apartment or garage.

A new Lester ability has also been introduced, allowing players to use Lester to use his contacts in the police department in order to let players commit crimes for a short period of time without consequence.

Also, Races, Deathmatches, Last Team Standing, and Parachute jobs with less than four players will finally pay more cash. And as a good nod toward the new Race and Deathmatch content creators, players can achieve a bonus 50 RP for liking or disliking jobs.

Capture, GTA Online’s equivalent to the tradition Capture the Flag game, now awards twice the money and RP. This double progression event will only last until Friday, though, which is when Rockstar will release an update to allow players to create their own Capture games.

This update is only minor compared to everything else that is in store for spring. Look forward to the High Life update which will allow players to earn new luxury vehicles and apartments. What’s exciting to note is the fact that the High Life update will also allow players to own multiple properties.

Co-op Heists will also soon be available this spring, however, no more details of the anticipated game mode have been revealed. All I know is… I’ll probably be using Lester’s new cop-distracting ability quite a bit once Heists start.

For those interested, the complete list of changes can be seen in Rockstar’s patch notes.



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