BioWare Reveals Inquisition Romance Details, Hints at Release Date


PAX East harbored some interesting titles, including BioWare’s highly anticipated Dragon Age: Inquisition, and lots of interesting new information was revealed for anxious Dragon Age fans, including some confirmed romances, exploration, and the idea of returning characters. 

So far, the only confirmed characters that can be romanced are Cassandra Pentaghast and Cullen (which several people will be excited for), but it’s obvious that other characters will be able to participate in romance subplots.

It’s been noted numerous times that BioWare has listened to player feedback, including the negative comments fueled by Dragon Age 2’s flaws. The game rewards exploration, promoting an open-world theme that can be immediately affected by the player’s choices and actions. The ecosystem in particular is one element that can be changed. For example, animal populations can be depleted depending on how much hunting the Inquisitor does in the area. The weather will also change the different landscapes.

Loot and boss encounters will feel more randomized, with certain creatures and enemies being native to specific areas, which means this will change the way the player will have to explore and battle as he/she encounters different hazards.

BioWare also noted the possibility of returning characters, something that was no doubt fueled by Steve Valentine’s (the voice of Alistair) tweet stating that he was back in the voice booth for BioWare. What’s very exciting to note is the fact that returning characters won’t have simple cameos. They will be used in a way that is “important and very meaningful.” Names like The Warden, Hawke, and Flemeth were dropped, however, nothing has been confirmed yet.

In a video commentary by Lady Insanity, she reveals that Mike Laidlaw stated, “If we do our job, you’ll tell us in six months.” This could be a first hint at a release date, which would place it sometime in October, however, nothing has been officially confirmed yet. I’m pretty positive that more information will be revealed at E3 in June.

Here is a list of some other minor details, as posted by Gameranx:

  • The Fade is part of Inquisition, but because it’s supposed to be dangerous and mysterious, it will be a relatively small part of this story.
  • Inquisitor origins are based on the race and class you choose for them.
  • BioWare intends to share more of the Chant, possibly even sheet music for the game sounds, but nothing confirmed.
  • This is odd, but they won’t confirm long, flowing hair for women characters. They are allegedly running into real technical issues depicting it because the armor has variable heights. They are still working on it for now.
  • Qunari magic is similar to Ferelden/Orlesian magic. The game will get into the history behind Saarebas magic as well.
  • Lastly, the only people responsible for Dragon Age lore is Mike Laidlaw and the writing team. Laidlaw has gone on record that the game is full of unreliable narratives, so you have to consider who you’re getting story from in the game with a wary eye. Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming Q3 this year to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC.




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