Pax had its shining games as well as some duds



By: Steven Collins (@Shadylikeatree)

PAX East 2014 was here and now it’s gone, and I’m here to tell you all about what I saw, what I played, and how that will impact my buying experience in the future. I’ll start with two games that really impressed me.

I had about a half an hour each with Murdered: Soul Suspect and The Crew. I’ll start with Murdered and say that this is going to be the one game to play. In it, you play as the ghost of a recently deceased police detective that can possess people and find clues from beyond the physical world to help solve crimes and your own murder.

I solved several “questions” in this game, and I found the clues to be more obvious and easier to notice than in a game like LA Noire, which I really loved. The game handled well, and from speaking with one of the story’s creators, you can branch out and help people find closure along the way, which is a cool idea.

Moving on to the Crew; not only is it a nice simulation game, but I found it also rather easy to pick up and play. On my first try, I won a “hard track that is tight and technical,” according to one of the people in charge of demoing the game. Following that, I went into cooperative mode with the two people on either side of me and chased down a target car. It was pretty rewarding for me to swing out wide from the pack, get ahead of the target car, and then t-bone him for the final damage, totaling his car and winning the battle.

Another game that has some hype is the Borderlands Pre-Sequel. During the 20 minute presentation of live gameplay, we saw a ton of new things, including ice elements, laser weapons, and Athena’s shield. The addition of all these elements would be cool enough on their own, but you also get the added information that the game is set on the moon with moon physics and oxygen abilities, similarly to a jetpack, to boot.

There were a lot of indie games present at the convention, and while most were fun and could pass a few hours, three games stand out in my mind as titles to keep an eye out for. The first being Alpha Muse, a new music game that is similar to Flower but with the idea that you control the music. It’s one of those chill games that you can sit back and relax with and not have to think too hard about.

BioForce was another that impressed me as well. I’ve seen the game on YouTube before, and it’s basically just pure 80’s mayhem and destruction in a 2D side-scroller shooter. This game can make for a lot of four player IRL party fun, and the developers said they had more planned to put in it, however, this info wasn’t shared with me.

While there were a lot of games that impressed me with the presentations, gameplay, and demos, one game did not and that is Watch Dogs.

We’re about six weeks from Watch Dogs’ launch, and after a couple delays from its original expected release, it wasn’t a playable demo at the convention. This causes me great concern because if we’re six weeks away and you’re not willing or able to demo the game that was supposed to be out six months ago, then there has to be a problem.

I’m seriously considering canceling my pre-order depending on how the next month goes. I don’t want to pay full price for a game that’s not even going to be a great finished product, let alone the extra money I shelled out to get the Collector’s Edition in hopes that this game would be something really great.

All in all, there were a lot of titles to check out, some on the grand AAA scale and others on the more basic levels. What games intrigued you the most? What do you want to see more of?



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