Goosebumps is returning in movie form


Goosebumps, the series of books by R.L. Stine, was the source of nightmares for nearly every kid in the 90’s, especially when the books were transformed into a creepy television show. Now, filming has begun on the new Goosebumps movie, starring Jack Black.

Directed by Rob Letterman, the movie will follow teenager Zach Cooper who moves to a new town and meets the “beautiful” Hanna. Hanna’s father is in fact R.L. Stine, played by Jack Black. Zach soon discovers that the monsters in Stine’s books are actually real, and are only locked away from the world by writing about them.

But when the monsters are accidentally released, Zach, Hanna, and Stine have to return the monsters back to the books where they belong.

Goosebumps is planned for a March 23, 2016 release.




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