New Look, Old Style, Possible Future Plans


Things have been way too quiet over here at PhoenixDown, and I’m so ashamed to admit that I’ve willingly neglected it. To put it short: It’s difficult to write the same news on here that I’m writing on DualShockers, and frankly I don’t want to become that repetitive. I’m in the process of doing some creative thinking that will boost the way PhoenixDown works. Hopefully it will become a nice place for some quick entertainment and video game nerdgasms.

Because we all love nerdgasms.

I’ve returned to an old theme that I once used before everything became scrambled, and I hope that everything looks a bit more clean and organized. In addition, I plan on talking with some people about producing some videos. The PhoenixDown Podcast is officially greenlit, and would have had its first episode recorded a few days ago… but technical issues destroyed those plans. We’re planning on trying again next week so bear with me while we sort out some hiccups!

I plan to continue writing alongside the video-making and podcasting, but I doubt I will return to quick news posts. The majority of my video game news will remain on DualShockers which I will share with you guys on Twitter and Facebook like normal. I do, however, plan on writing more editorials, more movie reviews, things that lie outside of the quick news report. The motivation is there, but I’ve always had a difficult time coming up with suitable editorials. We’ll see what happens there!

I’m also in the brainstorming section of developing something entirely new and promising to introduce to the gaming community, and I hope to ignite it here locally before trying to spread it elsewhere. More news of that will be coming out once I talk to some people and begin to really develop the idea. I’m really excited about it, though, and I’m confident that it will be a cool and entertaining way to not only spread video game goodness, but education as well. More details should develop soon!

Once again, I’m always looking for guest writers and video creators! Memorize the Submissions page and send your stuff in! You don’t have to be a recognized or popular figure in the community.

Thanks so much to everyone who has stuck around and followed me on Twitter and DualShockers where most of my activity has resided. With ideas beginning to formulate, things definitely look more active and promising in the future.


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