Joining a Company – Freedom of Speech vs. Representation


Becoming a writer for a website outside of your own blog is an exciting endeavor! It means people are becoming impressed with your work, and it means that you’ll be able to begin building a very essential resume for future work. Writing for others will help you obtain much needed exposure, grant you more constructive criticism, allow you to collaborate with other writers, and help you hone your skills. Support through social media is one of the most valuable aspects of writing for a more popular website, but it also rests a larger responsibility on your shoulders.

Your words and actions online don’t just affect you anymore. You’re representing a larger community, oftentimes one that needs to retain a professional and positive reputation. And while your thoughts are most definitely your own, people will more than likely link you to the place you work for… and it’s usually for negative reasons.

Controversy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. People tend to crave it, but relentlessly advertising yourself as a person known to incite conflict will only attract negative attention, and for some reason, those people don’t seem to understand that.

Freedom of speech is important, and it’s important to remain true to yourself. Don’t start acting like someone you’re not just because you’re representing a brand name, however, don’t dirty that brand name by emanating blatant stupidity. If igniting arguments and controversy is your thing then perhaps you need to find a place that welcomes that kind of attention. I’ve seen way too many people become enraged over getting fired because they were just too negative on platforms such as Twitter.

Writing is another avenue of communication, and it’s important to strengthen that. Companies, even ones who are hiring volunteers, don’t want staff members who create negative images. It’s as simple as that.


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