Celebrate Independence Day the GTA Way With new Independence Day Special


In association with Ammu-Nation, Los Santos is introducing a new way to celebrate with the Independence Day Special. This free DLC includes new vehicles, customization options, and properties to help bring out your gun-slinging redneck side. Also… fireworks.

Two new vehicles are now available: The Sovereign motorcycle and the massive Liberator monster truck. In addition, Ammu-Nation has stocked up on two new weapons: the Musket and the Firework Rocket Launcher.


Seven new properties have also been added to Dynasty 8 such as new locations in Paleto Bay and Vinewood Hills which allow you to put on your own fireworks show. There are 12 varieties of fireworks with different fuse lengths. Or, if you want some different kind of fun, the Pleasure Pier will now let you experience the Ferris Whale and the Leviathan Roller Coaster.

New personal customization options have been unlocked as well, including new “Made in the U.S.A. t-shirt” and hair options like the backwoods mullet. New masks are featured as well.

The seasonal content will be available until Mid-July. The automatic update includes game tuning and “other adjustments” which include the new On Call Matchmaking function. This will allow you to accept a job invite and continue playing in Freemode until the job fills up. This will effectively reduce idle time while waiting for a job to start. The Rockstar Support page includes the full list of updates.


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