The Horrors of Gamestop and the Nostalgia of Final Fantasy X


Note: This contains spoilers for Final Fantasy X. You really need to play it if you’re seriously worried about spoilers… 

Final Fantasy X was the last “new” Final Fantasy I invested time in. I was in middle school, an angst-filled outcast who hated anything to do with school… so while I was home (or pretending to be sick), I filled my time with video games. I think maybe this was the point in my life where I really appreciated the escape video games presented. No other game took up my time like Final Fantasy X despite the fact that I didn’t make it very far into the game. When I was younger, I managed to make it into the second battle against the Al Bhed who were attempting to kidnap Yuna once again. The Crawler managed to kill me way too many times, and suddenly it was years later, the PS2 was obsolete, and I couldn’t even find my original FFX copy. When I found it again, the disc was so scratched that it was obviously unplayable.

I was heartbroken.

So of course when FFX HD was released, my inner child demanded that I get it. Granted I was a few months late, and nearly sprinted into Gamestop just to grab a copy. I had forgotten that I was wearing a Zelda tank top and gained some attention from the cashier and another random dude who seemed to creep around the shelves. I don’t think he was even paying attention to the games. But I knew it was going to happen– I was about to be quizzed. This happens often when I go into Gamestop, especially when I’m alone. I grab a game, just happen to be wearing some video game-themed shirt, get questioned by a worker who acts as if I’m some random poser, and then begins hitting on me when he realizes that I can actually intelligently talk about a video game.

He eyed me almost suspiciously as he asked, “What’s your favorite Zelda game?”

“Ocarina of Time, but I grew up on the original.”

“I remember buying the original when it first came out,” he added as he crossed his arms. It was like he was boasting, and suddenly it was a battle of ages.

I can remember shaking my head. “The original was my first, but my dad really got into A Link to the Past when we finally got a SNES.”

“That’s awesome! Final Fantasy X is a cool game too.”

“Yeah,” I quietly replied.

Fortunately this seemed to placate him, but of course this dreaded question appeared. “So… how old are you?” There’s one thing people–particularly men– have to understand. Women usually aren’t offended by this question (unless you’re just strange), but there are vibes we receive from questions like this. In a genuine conversation where this question is well… understandable, I have no problem answering. But, if we’ve just been “quizzed” and have apparently been proven worthy to your high standards, the age question obviously means something more than general interest in age. It was an interest I didn’t feel like entertaining.

“47,” I drawled sarcastically and smiled as he finally handed me my game.

He grinned. “Now I know that’s not true.”

“It’s not. Have a nice day!”

The lesson of this story? I’m never going to that particular Gamestop alone ever again.

Revisiting Final Fantasy X has been a nostalgia-packed adventure that I’m still reveling in. Even though there are other older games that I love revisiting, like Final Fantasy VIII or other RPGs, they tend to lull in spots. Perhaps this is from the lack of voice acting or the challenges that I hate having to repeatedly press through every time I play, but time feels too stretched. Everything feels very well paced so far in Final Fantasy X. The game still presents a challenge (and frustration), the story is still awesome, and the graphics are updated just enough to present a breath of fresh air. Yeah, the voice acting has always been a bit laughable (I’m looking at you Tidus), but it fits. I’m in love with a Final Fantasy game again, and that’s freaking amazing.

I’ve literally just now progressed through the part that ended the game for me years ago so now everything feels new, and the emotion, even in the cringe-worthy moments of horrible voice acting (which isn’t always the fault of the actors), is still very strong and enjoyable. I also have to add that I can sometimes hear Timmy Turner in Rikku in some of her dialogue… but that’s never really a bad thing. I think it’s been proven that this game still manages to hold strength through its age, and that’s something not very many titles can manage. Many people comment that Final Fantasy X is the last good Final Fantasy title, and while I don’t really know if that’s true, there is a reason why no recent FF game has managed to retain my attention.

I just have a few questions:

Is it “Ty-dus” or “Tee-dus”?

And why did he have to be so damn annoying?



4 thoughts on “The Horrors of Gamestop and the Nostalgia of Final Fantasy X

  1. Ah yes, the quiz. I’ve taken the quiz too many times to remember. I think I’ve even memorized the look of disappointment (that they couldn’t embarrass me) and then the abrupt change to interest (creepers!).

    I think this happens way too often to too many people. Of course, women geeks seem to be subjected to it most often from men geeks, but it happens among geeks all the time. It’s ridiculous.

    Point and Case: I was at Hot Topic just a few weeks ago browsing through Disney tank tops (like a boss) when a clerk walks over and asks if I need help with anything. I politely say, no thanks, but this is when she notices my shirt. I was wearing my Snape shirt from Teefury. All at once, I’m quizzed. “Did you read all the books?” – Yep, “Did you see all the movies?” – Yep. And then she didn’t quite seem satisfied. She was trying to trump me. And she did with, “Have you ever watched all the movies back to back?” – Nope, but I’ve always wanted to.

    All of a sudden, “Aw, you lost your cred. with me right there. You’re not a real Harry Potter fan until you’ve watched the movies back to back.” And me, not realizing I was being quizzed because this was coming from a girl geek felt the urge to gain my “cred” back.

    What the hell?! – And I did, but I won’t explain that. Just goes to show you though that geeks constantly feel the need to test other geeks. And geeky clothing? Well, that sets them off the worst. — That won’t keep me from wearing my geekery blazing every time I go out.

    You might like a two part post we did on GnG called “Prejudice in Geekdom” if you haven’t seen it yet. 🙂 There are here: &

    – Britney

  2. As a male, I will never know what you’re describing feels like, but I could imagine it’s not fun. I’m sorry you have the added ‘bonus’ of wading through others sexist crap to enjoy your hobby. I hate Gamestop for my own reasons.

    I put over 100 hours into FFX, completing the sphere grid for Tidus, Yuna, and Rikku, and beating the ultimate weapon thingy. I think this was the last good FF game. You’ll have fun. Don’t waste your time on FFX-2.

    I remember reading in EGM that it’s “Tee-dus.” You think he’s annoying now? Wait until the whistling scene.

  3. I always say “T-i-dus”, but apparently it’s supposed to be “Teedus”. Maybe because his voice is tedious? Love love love this game. My favorite final fantasy to date. Just completed my replay of the HD version and found it incredibly satisfying. Glad you’re enjoying it! Also just have to comment on how the gamestop story was freaking hilarious:)

    • I always say the same because it just sounds better! But he definitely is a tedious character. I was hoping he’d eventually just kind of grow on me… which I guess he has in a way, but I think I’ve really just gotten used to his obnoxious ways. I’m still slowly making my way through the game, but it’s SO nice to be able to revisit it.

      I’m starting to forget what sunlight looks like.

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