Review – Town of Salem (Beta)


I wrote an initial preview to Town of Salem not too long ago on DualShockers, and now that more features have been included, I decided to bite the bullet and write an updated review. Keep in mind that this game is still considered to be in beta so changes, fixes for bugs, and other additions will eventually be implemented.

In Town of Salem, you are placed in a town full of different roles. These roles all have their particular missions, but some are more evil than others. Town members must work to find and eliminate all members of the Mafia. Members of the Mafia must use their individual roles to kill all of the Town members. However, other neutral roles can wreck havoc in the town, including serial killers and arsonists who kill for their own pleasure. Visit the Town of Salem Wiki to learn more about the roles and alignments. The main catch? You don’t know who is a Town member and who is part of the Mafia.

During the day, the people in the town gather to discuss clues, make accusations, and vote to lynch suspicious characters. During the night, evil roams as the Mafia and any other killing role carries out their missions. However this is also the time when certain Town members can utilize their own role skills. For example, a Jailor can lock up a person to question (or kill), a Doctor can heal a person who is attacked, and an Investigator can watch someone to find clues. There are several different roles to master!

If you played Town of Salem before all of the new additions, the game itself didn’t really give you much incentive to win. In a game like Salem where your words and decisions are key, wanting to win is obviously very important. Win or lose, the game would end and prompt everyone to start again, but you never earned anything for it. Now, BlankMediaGames has added several different new aspects to the game that not only make you look and feel more unique, but they make you want to win in your particular roles. When you win games, you earn coins that can be spent in the store for things such as new character skins, houses, maps, and even pets. It may not seem like much, but in a game such as Salem, it’s a very nice touch to make it feel much more than a simple chat room game. While the selections for certain things aren’t too extensive yet, it’s a fantastic direction for the title and manages to spice things up a bit.

I love the customization page! Before, after joining a lobby, you would pick your name, select a town map, choose a character skin, and choose a house. For someone who wanted to quickly jump into a game, all of this could be a bit tedious and unnecessarily repetitive. Now, there is a customization page that allows you to choose all of this, including a pet, and can be saved before hopping into a game. Everything in your home page is very clean, simple, and easy to navigate. You also have the ability to add friends and invite them to your own party before joining a game.

Playing Classic Mode is your best bet if you’re just beginning. Classic Mode contains no host, and there aren’t as many role variations. This way, you can begin to learn about some of the different roles and alignments without becoming too confused or overwhelmed. Custom Mode assigns a host to choose what roles will be in the game. This can be a bit wonky since some hosts tend to troll and fill a game full of Serial Killers, but on the bright side, this unlocks all of the roles you normally wouldn’t encounter in Classic Mode such as the Witch, Arsonist, Amnesiac, and more. Choosing between the two modes is all up to your personal preference, but I normally play in Custom Mode.

For those who aren’t familiar with Town of Salem (or you haven’t heard me ranting about it), it’s not your normal video game. It’s your traditional Mafia/Werewolf party game placed inside of an active chat room. There are no major animations and no normal gameplay mechanics. The way the game progresses rests entirely up to your ability to read people, gather evidence, and use your words to convince others to trust you. This is a game that makes you think (and oftentimes makes you paranoid), and it’s one that has always been a favorite in other renditions throughout the years. However, BlankMediaGames has truly created a nice version that fits well on the internet. It’s a simple game that’s only made complicated by you… and that’s a good thing!

Best of all, it’s completely free and it all takes place in your internet browser!

If you’re interested in playing, visit BlankMediaGames and create a free account. After that, hop in, customize yourself, and jump in a lobby! Feel free to send me a friend request as well: CrystalKM



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