Community Post – What Video Games Would You Remaster?


The video games of our childhoods, and some soon after, have managed to strike a dramatic emotional chord with our nerd-beating hearts (my heart wears nerd glasses). They have enlightened our souls, enriched our lives, and destroyed our aging eyes from choppy graphics and lines of written dialogue. And when nostalgia strikes, and it strikes quite often, all of us scramble back to our old consoles and digital downloads of our pasts and immerse ourselves back into memories… only sometimes those wondrous feelings of nostalgia seem to become overwhelmed by age. On Twitter, I asked all of my deliciously awesome followers (yes, you’re all delicious in a maybe-I’m-a-little-creepy-way) what games they would make HD Remasters of. 

It’s no secret that I’m in love with Final Fantasy VIII. I love the world, the characters, the story, and the music... I can drool over the music! This is the one “older” Final Fantasy title that I still have on original discs, and I have no problem revisiting it occasionally. And now with other video games earning new HD Remasters (I’m looking at you, FFX), I’ve started to dream about a HD version of Squall swinging his gunblade. Issues with past technology and all of the other reasons aside, an upgraded FFVIII would sale like hot cakes (what exactly are hot cakes?).

Here’s what the rest of you had in mind:


4 thoughts on “Community Post – What Video Games Would You Remaster?

  1. Insert obligatory Final Fantasy 7 comment here.

    In all seriousness though, as much as I would like to see FF7 remade glorious HD, I’d really like to see Tomb Raider 2 given a good old fashion remake/remaster. It was a great game but honestly it’s pretty unplayable at this point due to blocky graphics and clunky controls.

  2. Most of the ones I’d want re-masterd have been, like “Okami” on the PS2. Wouldn’t mind some of my old PS1 ones like “C12: Final Resistance” re-masterd. The brown and gray dystopia look would fit right in these days

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