Evil Geniuses Signs Dedo, Loans Karma to FaZe


More news is buzzing in the Call of Duty eSports community as both Evil Geniuses and Faze have made roster changes.

After personal issues arose in Evil Geniuses, Damon “Karma” Barlow, while still bound my contract, decided to leave the EG roster. This created a whirlwind of speculation on Twitter, and more than a little drama between other Call of Duty players as people began wondering what changes would be made. 

After all of the chaos began to settle, the CEO of Evil Geniuses issued a public statement of the event: “When you’re on a gaming team, and you’re not face-to-face with your teammates every day, it’s really easy to plug your ears, tune everything out, and take the easy way out rather than talking to each other and addressing your issues. 

“We’ve all seen how quickly gaming team lineups can come and go. To their credit, our guys did not take the easy way out. They had some tough conversations, and they worked a lot of stuff out. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to change the end result (Damon won’t be part of the lineup going forward).”

He continued, “Going forward, Karma will remain under contract with EG. Our management invested heavily in acquiring his contract, and we see him as far too valuable a player to simply give away for free. So, we’ll continue to meet the terms of our contract with him, but effective immediately we’ll be loaning him to FaZe at no cost for the remainder of Ghosts.

“To fill EG’s fourth position, we’ve signed Kenneth “Dedo” Dedo, formerly of FaZe – both he and Karma will be contracted with EG going forward.”

In addition to this official message, both Karma and Dedo released their own statements concerning the situation. Hopefully now both Evil Geniuses and FaZe can positively move forward as Ghosts begins to wither and Advanced Warfare arrives.

Karma stated, “My time with EG and this roster has seen a lot of success. Recently though, some personal issues between us have come to the forefront. It’s something that has been bothering me for a bit – I tried to play through it and it just became too much. I’ve taken the last few weeks to try and work things out with all my teammates, and it just seems that the issues run too deep for me. 

“Obviously leaving a team after having so much success seems a bit odd but I also need to be comfortable with the players I’m playing with and I no longer felt the situation was workable for all parties.”

Dedo announced his new team, stating, “Playing for such a well respected and world renowned organization is an honor for me. I look forward to the future, continued success with my new teammates, and representing the organization.” 


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