Hemlock Grove Renewed for Third and Final Season


Since the season two premiere of Hemlock Grove, I’ve been anxiously awaiting news concerning the third season. I was ecstatic to hear about the show’s renewal, especially after the fog of mixed reactions from critics, but unfortunately the third season will be the finale of the Netflix series.

The second season of Hemlock Grove proved to be more gripping and entertaining than the first. It thankfully managed to answer some lingering questions from the first season while tacking on more mystery to surround the brand new season, however, there were still several moments of overly-packed events that heavily contrasted against the slow lull of the story that tried to build its way to an intense climax. Unfortunately, the slow build made the final moments almost feel exasperating. And when things were finally beginning to happen, the season was over.

This is something that could either kill or perfect Hemlock Grove’s story building stature… and I’m honestly a bit afraid to find out what will happen. The show thankfully has a fantastic road to travel down after the cliffhanging season two finale, but I worry that the show will try to linger more on building a mystery versus completing the various storylines. Hemlock Grove is fantastic at creating more and more mystery inside of the twisting plots, but normally all it creates is a disorienting cacophony of content. Some things could simply be cut. This issue was one that I touched on in my season two review, but the show has undoubtedly become more entrancing since the shaky first season.

Hopefully we’ll be able to find some much needed closure for the fantastic characters in this series, and maybe the short episode count will motivate the story to build at a much more pleasant pace. The third season will contain 10 episodes to conclude the show in 2015. 

“We are so grateful to the fans of Hemlock Grove, who have championed the series so intensely over two seasons,” said executive producer Eli Roth. “We are looking forward to taking the last and final season into some dark and unexpected places, and to giving viewers the killer finale you’d come to expect from Hemlock Grove.”

Executive producer Charles Eglee added, “We are delighted that our fans have invited us back to explore the fiendish recesses of the human condition for another season. Knowing it will be our last gives us the opportunity to go out in a mushroom cloud of clever and soul-shattering mayhem. See you soon on the twisted streets of Hemlock Grove.”


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