Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Singleplayer Review

By: Steven “Shady” Collins (@Shadylikeatree)


– Singleplayer mode only.
– Spoiler free until noted by video and audio.
– Features singleplayer, spoiler free (minus a gameplay element) at about 75% through the game.
– Taken from my Let’s Play which will go live in December.
– Played and beaten the game on regular. Took just under 5 hours and 30 minutes.
– Gameplay and Opinions are involving the Playstation 4.

– A lot of different “vehicle” elements that spice up the gameplay. I’ll mention more specifically in the spoiler section each element but there are 4 that stand out in my mind.
– Same great CoD gunplay and action sequences. It shows they put a high quality production together.
– Best Looking CoD yet. My first impressions video has already had a few people telling me the game looks so good.
– New gadgets and tools for a war set 40 years in the future at 2055. A lot of times in the past the future is too unrealistic but I think they hit the nail on the head. Cool technology; no flying cars. That’s the balance.

– Too many quick time events that are too fast. If you’re not looking for them, you’re going to miss them. I think about 60 percent of my deaths in the game were to these quick time events.
– Minor glitches had a couple floating guns I saw; had doors that didn’t always open on the first try.
– There were times where I had to “follow this guy” and that guy was telling me to hurry up but I’ve already been standing where we need to go for 30 seconds or so. Was sort of an odd experience that pulls you out of the world.



– Great actors. Kevin Spacey makes a great bad guy in Johnathan Irons. You get this uneasy feeling about him the whole time while he comes off as someone who should be “traditionally good” Great Anti-hero and antagonist. Troy Baker is the main character. He’s the best. Also has Russell Richardson, Gideon Emery and Paul Telfer in other roles. I think Angela Gots as Ilona is a great character and an added element to the story. However I would liked to have seen more of her.
– New story elements and mechanics.
– The foreshadowing of Irons saying “That arm is more important than this whole company” and that being what leads to Irons’ death.
– Only play as one character a welcome change from years past.

– Story did get predictable at times. I called Kevin Spacey’s character elements. The sort of Bowtie Noodle element of Gideon eventually leaving Atlas. It was all an “I saw this coming three missions ago” moment.
– In the mission where your arm gets taken out by Spacey’s character and you are unable to reload, every gun has extended mags. I’m sure this was done to make it easier to make it through, but I don’t think that would be at all a common a modification for the weapons in the setting of a warehouse that’s supposed to be secure.
– There was no clear way around that traffic. I made it my second try, but man a pro tip on how to get across would have been nice.


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