CEO of Evil Geniuses Addresses Player Transfers to OpTic


Rumors have been circulating the Call of Duty community for a little while now concerning the players of Evil Geniuses and their contracts. As the writer who prepared the articles announcing their transfer to OpTic Gaming/Nation, I’ve known about what was happening (with OpTic) for a while. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that not many people understand, me included, but there was finally some clarification. 

The CEO of Evil Geniuses made a statement about the situation on Reddit today, revealing the issues the organization faced. “EG has agreed to transfer three of our player contracts to OpTic, and we’ll concurrently be releasing our other two players from their contracts. The transfer compensation we’re receiving from OpTic is fair, and I’d like to give credit to Hector for that. Maybe other team owners, in my situation, would approach this announcement differently. Contract buyouts can be viewed as opportunities to save face and come out with a ‘win’ from a public relations perspective – to be honest, they’re often used that way.

“But in my opinion, it’d be pretty silly to pretend that this is the way our organization dreamt of things ending when we originally acquired the team back in May. It’s not.

“We like this community a lot. We like its passion, its rivalries, and its personalities (even though things can get pretty crazy on Twitter sometimes). And we entered back in May intending to stay for the long haul, but things clearly didn’t pan out that way. While we met our logistical and financial obligations to the team, we didn’t give them as much management attention as we should have, and that’s ultimately on me.

“At the same time, the current structure of professional Call of Duty made participating in the scene a real challenge – for both our company and our players. I think the team deserves a ton of credit for continuing to perform under all of that pressure.

“You have a great community, and I hope that EG can find a way to participate in it again at some point. We really appreciate all of the support you showed our organization this year, and we had a great time in CoD while we were here.”

OpTic Gaming announced today that Ian “Crimsix” Porter will be joining the team as the fourth. In addition, both Tyler “Teepee” Polchow and Damon “Karma” Barlow will be joining Jordan “Proofy” Cannon and Marcus “MBoze” Blanks on OpTic Nation. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how these two teams perform as the Advanced Warfare season progresses.


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