Review – Fresh N’ Geeky Perfume: Thief

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I know absolutely nothing about perfume outside of the fact that it’s supposed to make you smell good. When I decided that I wanted to review this product, I tried to research other perfume reviews to find some direction… and of course it was a total fail. I’m not a perfume expert by any means, but Fresh N’ Geeky deserves some recognition from the video game community.


Because the entire collection is inspired by characters from different video games and television shows.

After spending way too long trying to decide which scent to try first, I finally settled on Thief. This roll on perfume is inspired by Kasumi Goto from Mass Effect and contains main notes of cherry blossom with hints of lilies, freesia, and sandlewood. It’s a fantastic scent that’s strong enough to remain recognizable, but it’s subtle enough that it won’t overwhelm your senses. Which is great for master thieves who don’t want to be discovered during a heist.

It’s something that I plan on wearing often!

The glass roll-on bottle is small and compact, perfect to keep in your pocket or purse during a night out, and its modest weight and simple design keep it from feeling and looking cheap.

If you’re interested in looking at the plentiful selection of different scents, make sure you check out the Fresh N’ Geeky shop. Scents are inspired by multiple fandoms such as Mass Effect, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, Tomb Raider, and Final Fantasy. There are also several scents that are suitable for men.

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