Legend of Korra, Korrasami, and why it’s Awesome

Note: Contains spoilers for the series finale of Legend of Korra.  Legend of Korra is officially over and all of us have been continuously tearbending since watching the finale. It was a mistreated show that deserved a lot more support from Nickelodeon, but it managed to demonstrate the passion and creativity the creators had for it,…


Rockstar Releases GTA Online Festive Surprise

We still don’t have Heists yet (early 2015, guys), but Rockstar has pushed out another smaller update to help us celebrate Christmas in Los Santos! What does this update include? A bunch of nice, explosive holiday devices, cars, outfits, and more. All of this info can be found at the Rockstar Newswire.


Working in Call of Duty eSports – Why it Hurts

I love eSports, particularly Call of Duty eSports. Call of Duty 4 ignited my love for the series, and despite the mixed opinions of each game released, it continues to be a wonderful source of entertainment. I never once imagined writing inside of the eSports industry. Writing was a self-motivated endeavor for me, and I’ve…


Character Growth – Dragon Age: Leliana and Morrigan

Note: This article contains some pretty huge spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition and Dragon Age: Origins. My love for the Dragon Age series is undoubtedly fueled by the characters. Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 both introduced and fleshed out amazing, complex characters that transcended the usual supporting role in RPGs. Because of this, it’s…