Legend of Korra, Korrasami, and why it’s Awesome


Note: Contains spoilers for the series finale of Legend of Korra. 

Legend of Korra is officially over and all of us have been continuously tearbending since watching the finale. It was a mistreated show that deserved a lot more support from Nickelodeon, but it managed to demonstrate the passion and creativity the creators had for it, and it definitely showed as the series came to a close. The show that sparked from The Last Airbender series may have originally been constructed as a children’s show, but it contained so much depth that it was difficult to only consider it for kids. 

However, with that being said, I admit that I wasn’t an initial fan. I loved the fact that we had an older Avatar in a different cycle, one who was dramatically different from the Avatar we saw in Aang. I loved the idea of creating a darker, more mature series, but for some reason the show didn’t hook me until the end of season one.

And then I was randomly introduced to Korrasami, and I loved it. It felt groundbreaking to me. Sure, it felt important because this was the first time I had seen a shadow of something outside strict heterosexual concepts in a cartoon. Yeah, the idea seemed a little insane since this was considered a kids show, but I loved it because it never confirmed or denied anything. The ending of Legend of Korra let us build our own thoughts and assumptions, and I love the fact that any Korra fan could weave multiple continuations in their own mind, and it wouldn’t be incorrect.

It’s a huge credit to the writers. To be able to conclude a series with such ambiguity and yet somehow tie off the story with a sense of final satisfaction is difficult to do. I applaud the fact that the creators didn’t want to trim away their creative integrity, but yet managed to cater to a multitude of different fans. More importantly, I appreciate the fans who don’t shun the opinions of others. Whether you wanted Korra with Mako, Bolin, Asami, or with no one, you helped fuel and contribute to an amazing and beautiful story, one that I hope can be continued in some form in the future.

Buuuuuut, if Korra wasn’t destined to fall madly in love with Bolin (I adore Bolin)… Asami works just fine for me. This ending made my day.



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