Returning to Writing

It’s been about two years since I last updated my blog. The domain expired, the dust had settled, and PhoenixDown became a silent graveyard housing old dreams. For a long time, I believed a return would never happen. Something deep and unsettling happens when you get burned out from something you once adored, and for a while, I was lost.

I quit writing. Video games became stale. Stories I once repetitively fell in love with felt gray and empty. My life needed a drastic change, and with a shattered heart and a weak soul, I tried desperately to add some color.

I went to school and ignited a passionate path toward a career that I knew would be fulfilling. I embraced my sexuality and I fell madly in love. I moved to a different city and decided to marry the greatest woman I’ve ever met. I discovered that finding meaning in everything around you helps return color to your life, and despite the stress and exhaustion (I still drive 4 hrs back to my hometown twice a week for school), I’ve been so happy. And because of that, things I thought were lost began to return.

I missed writing and I missed video games. I missed combining the two. I missed seeing my articles circulating around the web.

So now I’m returning. Please excuse the hiccups and sudden bursts of gibberish. Rebuilding a routine has been way more difficult than I anticipated, but I’ve never been more excited and motivated about writing. It’s so good to be back.



3 thoughts on “Returning to Writing

  1. Missed ya Crystal and congrats on finding yourself and finding what all of us want (myself included) this has really put a smile on my face so I cannot wait to see what you do now

    Best of luck Phoenix Down 🙂

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