Interview with crabby applez: iOS games and podcast reviews


As someone whose focus is normally centered around consoles and the video games featured on them, I don’t know much about games and entertainment on mobile devices. However, after the explosive success of Pokemon Go, my interest in all things mobile began to grow. Caroline Mills, an extremely talented writer (and my future wife), created crabby applez, a site that features iOS games and podcast reviews.

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself. How did you come up with the name crabby applez?

A: I came up with crabby applez because all the good names were taken. No, seriously. But I write about Apple games and apps, and podcasts available on the iOS podcast app, hence the fruit reference. Crabby is self-explanatory if you’ve met me. Humph. Also, crab apples are a thing. I had a crab apple fight when I was 8. Don’t get hit with one; it hurts.

About me… I’m a human. I have two legs. I like pizza. I have a master’s degree in anthropology, so I used to get college credits to cook human heads in crock pots. Strictly for research and educational purposes, of course. All legal. Donated to science and all that jazz. I’ve been on the local news ranting about politics. I can recite all the introductory words to Law & Order: SVU. These are my stories. Bum. Bum.

Q: What is your favorite video game? What attracts you to mobile games?

A: The game I like the most out of all video games is Donkey Kong 3. Ah, memories. The game I play most often on my iPhone 6S Plus at the moment is Clash Royale.

I like mobile games because they go with me where I go. At the doctor’s office, on a break at work, on an airplane, I can pick up my phone and play. No TV or controllers or cords needed. And the touchscreen allows a novel approach to gameplay. You can’t swipe on your PS4. Also, you already own the hardware. No need to buy a PS Vita or Nintendo DS. If you have an iPhone, you’re good to go.

Q: What are some of your favorite iOS games? Are there any you are looking forward to?

A: Right now I seem to be on an RPG adventure kick. Oceanhorn is a lot like Zelda, and Submerged is a little like Uncharted 4 meets Windwaker. Swordigo is a cool RPG platformer, and I just downloaded Brothers for iOS. I can’t wait for Super Mario Run to launch in December.

Q: How did you first get into listening to podcasts?

A: I began listening to podcasts when I subscribed to The Young Turks for political news. I took a look at the other popular podcasts in the app and came across some fictional ones. I thought radio drama sounded cool, so I downloaded The Bright Sessions. After that, I was hooked on podcasts.

Q: What podcasts have you enjoyed the most so far?

A: Like I said, The Bright Sessions is great. It’s like the X-Men in therapy. MarsCorp is hilarious and is about a human terraforming mission on the red planet. Serial isn’t fictional, but it’s amazing. The first season follows a true crime case. Limetown is a very suspenseful podcast about a secret research town where everyone mysteriously disappeared. They are currently on hiatus as they explore other related projects, but the first season is available now. The Black Tapes is intriguing, though not without its flaws. It’s about paranormal activity. I’ll likely write a review of that when the new season is released.

Q: How awesome is your fiancée?

A: I’m keeping my options open. They include marrying her, eloping with her, absconding to Mexico with her, and lying in our bed with her until we run out of ramen and episodes of America’s Next Top Model. End of list.

God, I love this girl. For those interested in iOS games and podcasts, make sure you check out crabby applez and follow her on Twitter.


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