Merk, ex-captain of OpTic, releases video explanation of drop


Joe “Merk” Deluca, best known as the captain of OpTic Gaming, was dropped from the team early yesterday with little to no explanation for the public. Today, Merk released a small video explaining what has happened and kind of clarifies the situation. According to him, as well as the other members of the team, the decision was not based off of skill. However, it seems that there has been some inside discontentment that has caused OpTic to drop Merk, a situation which is entirely disappointing. As someone watching from the outside, I wondered what kind of state OpTic would fall into once the guys officially moved into the house and settled.

Merk’s own mental distance seems to be the cause of this decision, but I hope that Merk continues to play competitively. I’m sure he would be beneficial to any team he joins, especially since teams like EnVyUs and Impact are currently searching for a 4th. But it seems like he will be focusing on school and making the ultimate decision on whether or not he’ll continue competitive Call of Duty or retire completely.


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